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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru BUMN, PT Telkom - Backend Developer

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru BUMN, PT Telkom - Backend Developer

*Deadline 15 Juli 2019

Ada info Menarik lagi nih teman-teman seputar LOWONGAN KERJA TERBARU!

Yuk, teman-teman semua para pencari LoKer - Lowongan Kerja Terbaru simak dulu informasi seputar Lowongan Kerja Terbaru BUMN, PT Telkom - Backend Developer berikut ini yaa (Informasi Berikut berupa Text Bahasa Inggris, silahkan teman-teman manfaatkan fitur Translate Yang telah disediakan pada Halaman ini yaa jika dibutuhkan) :

As a Backend Developer, your primary role is in developing high-quality backend services and APIs, with specific emphasis on long-term maintainability, resilience, and high scalability. You are going to write codes that integrate with various other systems.

You will work with a small team and can switch team or projects depending on business needs. Together with other developers within your team, you are fully empowered to own the systems within your area of responsibility in production. We need people who are willing to learn and great passion in solving problem using technology.

Job Description:

Develop, improve, and maintain high quality back-end services and APIs.

Doing test driven development.

Within a cross-functional team, collaborate with other developers specializing in backend, frontend, quality assurance, product owner, scrum master, and etc.

Apply design patterns and design principles to produce maintainable code.

Learn multiple tech stacks to use the best tools for the job.

Solve technical problems.


At least 2 years working experience in related fields.

Preferable having a national / international certificate from trusted institutions recognized by professional organizations.

Strong passion in technology, programming & software development.

Humble culture, zero egos, and excellent collaborative spirit. We are all here to learn together and grow together as a team.

Eagerness to learn, eagerness to help, eagerness to share.

Firm grasp of algorithms, algorithmic complexities, design patterns and principles, clean code, and pragmatic aspects of programming.

Firm grasp in object-oriented, functional, or event-driven programming practices.

Good analytical and logical thinking.

Knowledge of Unix/Linux environments and CLI.

Knowledge of SQL / NoSQL database.

Knowledge about Microservices Architecture.

Good Practice using Gitflow.

Good Knowledge of RESTFul APIs.

Experienced in building large-scale web apps/services/APIs.

Experienced using Cloud Service such as AWS, Azure, etc.

Experienced using Docker & CI/CD deployment.

Familiarity with Test Driven Development.

Specialist Requirements for NodeJS?

Experienced in more than 2 projects which use NodeJS as backend services.

At least 1 year using NodeJS.

Good practice in using of javascript (ES6+).

Good practice in using of Mocha, Sinon, Chai, Stub, and Hippie.

Good practice in using of JSLint.

Good practice using NPM.

Preferably good practice in using of Restify.

Specialist Requirements for Golang

Experienced in more than 2 projects which use Golang as backend services.

At least 1 year using Golang.

Good practice in using unique features of Golang such as interface, defined type, struct, defer, panic, recovery, etc.

Good practice in using of Gomega and Ginkgo.

Good practice in using of GoLint

Good practice using godep and standard package library.

Preferably good practice in using of Gorilla.

Untuk teman-teman para pencari LoKer semua yang memenuhi kualifikasi di atas dan ingin mengajukan lamaran kerja silahkan cek Info Pendaftaran dibawah ini yaa!


Pendaftaran dilakukan secara Online (cek link Sumber info dibawah yaa)

Yuk teman-teman semua, dapetin Update info menarik dan terbaru lainnya dari situs dengan cara : 

Sumber Info LoKer --> Lihat Disini

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